Northeast Middle School Bands

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"If you want to be different from anybody else, do what other people don't want to do: practice."
- Wynton Marsalis
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Fingering Charts

Instrument Resources

Flute Players
Flute Society of St. Louis
Flute World: "America's flute specialty house"

The National Flute Association: "The largest flute organization in the world."
Columbia Flute Choir: A flute ensemble representing every instrument in the flute family.
How to buy a flute

Clarinet Players: "One-stop shop for clarinets"
International Clarinet Association: Journals, research, mailing list, contact information, calendar, articles, and links
How to buy a clarinet

Saxophone Players: "The Player's Choice"
The North American Saxophone Alliance
Taming the Saxophone: Saxophone information, tutorials, and resources
How to buy a saxophone

Trumpet Players:
International Trumpet Guild
Trumpet Herald: "The trumpeter's home on the web"
Trumpet Studio: Resource site for all trumpet players
Trumpet Geeks International: A resource for trumpet players
Monette Corporation: Really cool, custom made trumpets and mouthpieces
How to buy a trumpet

Horn Players:
The French Horn Resource Page
International Horn Society
Horn Planet

Trombone/Baritone Players:
International Trombone Association
Trombone Page of the World
The St. Louis Low Brass Collective: Dedicated to the promotion and education of low brass musicians
Pocket Trombone iPhone App
How to buy a trombone

Tuba Players:
International Tuba/Euphonium Association
International Tuba Day!

The Percussive Arts Society
Percussion Source: Online catalogue of percussion equipment and gear
What Drum?: "World's hub for drummers and percussionists"
Music Links

Professional Ensembles
Click the image to visit their website

(Mr. Steep plays with this group)

Parkway Websites

Parkway Northeast Middle School Website

Parkway North High School Band
PNH Band Directors: Mark Linn & Andrew LaRose

Parkway Fine Arts Calendar

Other Cool Links
Pandora Internet Radio - completely customizable, only plays music you like

Drum Corps International (DCI) - Marching music's major league

Micro Marching - Create your own mini-marching band show

Music Theory Games @