Northeast Middle School Bands

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"If you want to be different from anybody else, do what other people don't want to do: practice."
- Wynton Marsalis
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2018-19 music coming soon!

7th Grade Band Recommended Supplies:
  1. Valve oil for valved instruments: trumpets, baritones, tubas, french horn (rotor oil).
  2. Straight Mute (for trumpet players)
  3. Slide cream with water bottle (mist), a piece of soft cloth for cleaning the slide for trombone.
  4. Mouthpiece brush – all brass instruments.
  5. Slide grease (for tuning slides)
  6. Music stand for at home practice
  7. Metronome
  8. Essential Elements 2000 Book 2
  1. Flute – cleaning rod, small lint free rag, or swab.
  2. Clarinet – cork grease, swab, Rico reeds – strength 2  – 2 1/2 (need at least 3 playable reeds at all times), and a Rovner ligature.
  3. Saxophones – cleaning swab, Rico reeds strength 2 – 2 1/2 (at least 3 playable at all times, a C-star mouthpiece is recommended but not required), and a Rovner ligature.
  4. All double reed players will receive specific information for instrument needs after being selected.
  5. Music stand for at home practice
  6. Metronome
  7. Essential Elements 2000 Book 2

  1. Stick bag for carrying sticks & mallets
  2. Vic Firth SD1 General drum sticks (or equivalent)
  3. Vic Firth M6 Hard Mallets (or equivalent)
  4. Vic First M3 Yarn Mallets (or equivalent)
  5. Practice pad and bell kit for at home practice.
  6. Music stand for at home practice.
  7. Metronome
  8. Essential Elements 2000 Book 2

New for 2017: All check-offs and playing tests will be submitted online using student Chromebooks through Google classroom.
A “check-off” is a short exercise from our method book that the student will submit on Google classroom at his/her convenience. Students are required to prepare and record 9 selected check-offs per trimester. The students are given the entire year’s list of check-offs during the first week of school. This allows the students that can’t wait to play their check-offs the opportunity to move at a faster pace. However, if playing an instrument requires a little more work for a student, he/she can set a pace that is more comfortable. The goal of this class is for every student to understand and perform excellently and thus students are allowed as many chances as they need to submit and pass a check-off.
Students may be permitted to perform check-offs in person at the discretion of the director.

Click HERE for 7th Grade Check-Offs
Click HERE for 7th Grade PERCUSSION Check-Offs